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It's RUSH v LEWIS in a major title fight clash for 'The Power of Love' supremacy. Who you got, coz this Friday, "you say, we play"!

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Have a community event needing a push? Or are you interested in some show sponsorship? Or perhaps need to hear that fave song just one more time? Then get in touch!

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Need butter? We'll give you EXTRA!

End your dreary week, and kick-start your weekend with Cindy & Daz as they bring you all the latest news, weather, traffic and trains, entertainment news on 'The Spread' and music history plus a whole heap of fun and great music.

Extra Butter ~ 70s, 80s...ANYTHING!

Live Fridays 7am - 9am AEDT & Saturdays 6am - 8am AEDT @ Melbourne's 97.7FM.

Here's a little fun we had earlier this year with the "Word Challenge", where we gave each other extremely difficult words that needed to be worked into the show.

Filibuster v Abomasum.


Crime Stoppers Victoria - One Million Calls

We are thrilled to partner Crime Stoppers each week and were super excited to be invited to participate in their recent "One Million Thank Yous" video.

With over three decades of crime-fighting success, Crime Stoppers Victoria Work hand-in-hand with local communities, playing an integral role in bridging the gap between Victoria police and the public.

Since 1987 over 22,989 arrests have been made, over 89,088 charges laid and over $237,117,408 in property recovered.

Help keep your family and community safe. Making a report to Crime Stoppers is completely confidential and as simple as calling 1800 333 000.